Thursday, June 5, 2008

Robosaurus Going Green?

Is the car-eating robotic dinosaur growing a Green conscience?

North Carolina -

Robosaurus has declared to fans, potential bookings and handlers that it intends, from now on, only to consume "green" automobiles. Taken as a sign of environmental awareness on behalf of the famed car-eating robotic dinosaur, many prominent environmental activists are accusing the dino of not doing enough. "How can Robosaurus claim to be a 'green' machine when it still spews fire from its nostrils and appears at gas-guzzling events like Monster Truck rallies and Nascar races," fumed one upset greeny. Scientists in other disciplines have cried foul of a different fallacy within Robosaur's newfound environmental awareness.

Steve Kim, a robotics researcher with the University of California- Irvine claims that "no man-made computer nor machine has yet achieved sentient thought or the capacity to think with human reason. I sincerely doubt Robosaurus' 'position' comes from within this robotic dinosaur." Kim went on to point out that given Robosaurus' popularity with blue-collar whites and southerners, it doesn't hurt to have an outspoken advocate for the environmental movement, even if it is in the person of a non-thinking robotic car-eating pyrotechnic device.

Robosaurus is scheduled to appear at the Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, AZ June 16th. Organizers of the event have not yet confirmed whether they can replace the Hummer they were planning to feed to Robosaurus on short notice but have told the press in a statement Thursday that "we will try to find a suitable replacement in time for the feeding. We intend to avoid cancelling the event and will do whatever is necessary to make sure that isn't a step we take." Andrew Eissfeldt of Phoenix's Camelback Toyota has stated publicly he could secure "low low" financing on a new or used Prius or "gas-sipping Yaris" for "Robosaurus to eat." At the time of this report, GetOnMyMap was unable to confirm whether the organizers at Firebird Raceway had contacted Eissfeldt.

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